Summer Updates & Video Productions

Hey there! Long time no talk! I decided to take a short break from the blog to focus on the end of my semester as finals were approaching. But I’m back for the summer and looking forward to all I have to share!


This summer I will be studying abroad in Sorrento, Italy. I leave in June and will be sharing my preparations and stories as I go! I will also be going to Disney World (aka my boyfriend and my second home) at the end of the summer. Now that I’m the big two-one (and recently gluten free), I will be sharing all the fun drinks and gluten friendly treats I find!

As the warm weather approaches I am excited to have become an ambassador for a company called Squad Scrunchie! Their super cute hair accessories will also be following me on all my summer adventures. Visit their website ( and use the code JOURNEYOFJESSBLOG10 for 10% off your own scrunchie purchase!

Content Creation.

As for right now, I am working a part time job as a Public Relations and Marketing Assistant, where I have been creating a ton of corporate content including some exciting video projects! At the end of this semester, I was awarded three first place prizes in my university’s media festival for my video production projects, and I would like to share my video creations with all of you! My youtube channel can be accessed here.

On my youtube channel I create music videos, classroom projects, and some personal fun videos to remember trips and summer adventures. I plan to create videos to accompany my blog posts in the future to showcase my passion for content creation!

I can’t wait for the summer ahead and all of the experiences I will be able to share with all of you in both writing and visual form. Here’s to the summer!

Talk soon!

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