San Diego Day 2: Relaxing and Reflecting

Day 2 was another relaxing beach day. We kicked the day off by walking to Rum Jungle Cafe where I ordered an Aloha Açaí Bowl in a pineapple bowl. Other than making for a cute photo, this was a refreshing choice to kick off the day with nutrients .

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful although relaxing. After sunbathing for hours, we took to In n’ Out Burger for dinner (when in Cali am I right?). I got a lettuce wrapped burger and although I wasn’t wildly impressed, I was satisfied.

We ended the day with another beautiful sunset. Overall, it was just another day in paradise. The sunsets at the end of the day give me time to reflect on my life and how far I’ve come. There was a time in my life that I struggled to leave my house for school every morning, and now I’m seeing places I thought I would only ever dream of.

On the way home from watching the sunset, my friends and I discussed how lucky we are to be able to see such beautiful places. I often get asked by other people my age how I’m able to travel so much. The simple answer is prioritizing. I’m a college student with very little income, which makes it sound like I wouldn’t be able to travel. I prioritize places and experiences more than material possessions, so I hardly ever shop or go out to eat. This has allowed me to see some of the most beautiful places while barely having money in my pocket.

Traveling can be done on a budget, especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. I’m a firm believer that anything is possible if you really want it. Obviously there are restrictions to this, but follow your passions where you can. Restricting myself in other ways has allowed me to see San Diego, and I have no


Thanks for reading, talk soon!


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