Growing Up With Anxiety

Since I’m still new to this blog thing, I want to get into a little more about me. If I’m starting from the beginning, the best way to get to know who I am would be discussing my anxiety. I have always been an anxious child, but my anxiety intensified as I went into middle school, and even more in high school. I would frequently hide in the bathrooms between every class so I wouldn’t get to the classroom too early. There was even a time that I dropped a pencil in class and was so anxious about drawing attention to myself that I carried out the rest of class pretending to write without a pencil, so I wouldn’t have to bend down to pick it up.

It’s safe to say I was AWKWARD. It’s also safe to say that the way I was living was not healthy or normal. I began therapy at age 10, and this became an off and on activity throughout my life. Therapy DID help, but by the time I got to high school and it became clear that my progress was not where it should be. I began taking anti-anxiety medication. There is a great stigma around medication for mental illnesses, and I plan to make a whole post on this later. The most important thing to know about my anxiety journey is I had tried everything else. My grades were slipping, and I wasn’t living life to my best potential. Medication didn’t make me a new person, it simply put me in a better mindset so I could be who I really am. That being said, there are still physical ways that I cope with anxiety, and I do still get some anxious flare ups.


In through the nose for 5 seconds, out through the mouth for 5 seconds. This method works best for me when I get that awful butterflies-in-the-stomach/dropping-on-a-roller-coaster feeling that won’t go away.

Essential oils.

Essential oils are really helpful. I’m not typically one to believe in natural remedies, but diffusing a lavender scent in my room on a stressful evening puts me in a better frame of mind. If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser, I recommend purchasing one. If nothing else, it will make your room smell amazing!

Music and sounds.

The sounds that relax people can vary. Personally, I like to play ocean waves in the background when I need help falling asleep. If I’m feeling anxious and depressed during the day however, I often listen to Disney music. I know, I know, not everyone likes Disney as much as me. The point is that I have found sounds that make me happy and put me in a good mood. It may not be Disney for everyone, but I’m sure we all have some favorite songs that can turn our day around.


Overall, the number one thing that has helped me become the confident and postive person I am today has been the people I surround myself with. I’m a little weird, I won’t lie. I do some goofy things, make some weird voices, fall over (a lot), and make a fool out of myself. These are qualities I’ve learned to LOVE and I’ve found that this is what makes me unique. There have been people in my life that have judged my quirks, my interests, or my sense of humor. Distancing myself from these people, and surrounding myself with ones who understand me (or at least love me despite my wackiness) has been pivotal in my journey to self-love.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, maybe some of these methods will work for you! If not, don’t be discouraged. Everyone’s path is different and what helps me, may not help you. It took me 18 years to finally find the best coping methods for me. Don’t lose hope.

I plan to post more about experiences I’ve had with anxiety as well as the stigma around mental illnesses. I hope I can enlighten people or spread awareness through my experiences.

If you struggle with anxiety, leave me a comment! Let me know how you cope with it, and if there’s anything on this topic that you’d like to see in future posts.

Thank you for reading! Talk soon!


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2 thoughts on “Growing Up With Anxiety

  1. Love this! I too suffer from anxiety. Check out! I rep for them and one of the founders (Brooke) also has anxiety and has a line of clothes that are dedicated to those who also suffer anxiety and depression. Keep up the amazing work!

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