My Pre-Travel Routine

In honor of Spring Break beginning tomorrow, I’m starting preparations to go to San Diego, California. I’ve wanted to go to California for years and cannot wait to take on this new adventure with some of my closest friends. While I’ve never been to California, I am a fairly seasoned traveler. Here are some of my best preparation techniques when getting ready to go on a new trip.

Airborne is my best friend.

I don’t know about you, but getting sick after plane travel seems to be a common occurrence for me. Once you’ve gotten pneumonia after flying (like myself), you don’t take any chances. I’m a firm believer in pumping yourself full of vitamin C, especially before going on a trip. I take vitamin C every morning to stay healthy, and before flying I double my dosage.

Airborne can be purchased on amazon here .


Seemingly the most obvious tip – make a packing list. Sometimes I get lazy and skip this step, which nearly always ends in forgetting something. I split up my list into sections (clothes, toiletries, extras). This way I can lay everything out in an organized way. Works every time!

Outfit Planning.

If the trip is short (a week or less), I always plan my outfits in advance. Knowing what I want to wear each day allows for lighter packing. I never pack more than I need (except for underwear, always have extra underwear). This gives me plenty of room for souvenirs on my way home!

Snack shopping.

A VERY important step in my opinion. Especially as a gluten free gal, I always make sure to have snacks on hand in case I’m put in a position where I am hungry and don’t have immediate access to food. This is also helpful in saving money. You’ll spend less on food while traveling if you have some snacks to tide you over in advance.


I always look up the place I’m traveling to in the weeks leading up to my trip. While part of this is because I like to plan, this step is mostly just to hype myself up. Looking at the place I’m visiting always gets me excited. I like to be able to picture things in my mind before I get there. I usually take my research to instagram, and search other people’s posts from this location. I find this to be a much more accurate representation of what the destination has to offer, and it gives me some picture inspiration.

Expect a California update and pictures when I return, there will be many!

Talk soon!


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